A little history about myself,  I've been around pool since the mid sixty's and all I did then was play and watch the real good players's, hopping I could improve my game. I later got married and left the game until 1991. Then A long time friend of mine, John Carmichael, some of you might have known him,  told me that alot of the guy's that I knew from the old days from the Custon & Cue, Yorks and Big Town were playing at a new pool room near Northlake mall  area called the "Green Room".  This is where I got started back playing  pool, and found out that many things had changed, like there were leage's, in house tournaments and a Pro Tour. After I starter playing in the tournaments, pool was good entertainment for me, so my buddy John and I started going to some the bigger week-end tournaments, and later to several  Pro tournaments. While going to these tournaments I saw someone doing Cue repair work and I watched and watched because I tought "I can do this",  so I started asking questions and getting information and then bought some start up tools. The truth is, cue repair work wasn't as easy as I thought, I  had to develop my skills and buy the right tools and as in the beginning ask more questions. Work at first was hard to come by because people just don't let anybody work on their cue, but after several years I got more work and referals, also I  do most of the work  from Mr. Cue's II.  I  worked for three years at "The Pool Room" at Gwinnett mall. Now doing the work is rewarding.  So thats my story and I'm sticking to it. 

          Atlanta, Georgia
             Since 1996
                                            LG's Cue Repairs
Schedule:    I'm now available to do your work in Mr. Cue's ll, while you wait.
Hours:   Mondays, Tuesdays,  and Fridays 8:00pm to 10.00pm, or you can
drop your cue off at  Mr. Cue's II on Chamblee Tucker Rd. anytime, Monday's thru Friday's
at the front counter, they will give you a detailed invoice to fill out, if your not sure of what you need like the kind of tip or ferrrule, leave your stick and when I pick it up I'll call you or you can call me. If you only want a tip, ferrule or clean your shaft, Please just leave the shaft only, keep
your case and butt because we are limited in space,  Also NO one piece House Cues.....

                     Shop # 770-491-1119     or     Cell # 770-354-8500.