Ivory:        100% pure ivory, These ferrules are solid blanks and will be bored and
                  cut to your specifiction. Ivory has a softer hit.  $70.00

 Ivor-X:       Has the apperance of Ivory with simular hit, but more durable, also 
                  resist chalk build and easy to clean, medium-firm hit.  $35.00

Ivorine IV: Made from a linen-based thermoset phenolic resin that provides a harder
                 hit, chalk will build up if not cleaned and is durable.  $30.00

Aegis:       Is a melamine based thermoset ferrule material. It is rolled and molded
                 for high strength, color, soft white to ivory. Hard hit.  $30.00

Porper:      Is a High quality, injection molded multi-polymer ferrule, is extremely
                 durable, and has popular medium-firm hit.  $30.00

Titan:        Made of polycarbonate based thermoplastic, this material is light weight
                 and medium denisty for soft hit.  $30.00

Break:      These ferrules are made of hard phenolic resin, comes in black or brown.
                Used only for break and jump sticks.  $40.00 

        Atlanta, Georgia